Ideas Maker | Consumer Behavior Enthusiast with a focus on the Digital Space | Business Developer 
I was always impressed by the question ‘Why do people do what they do?” The obsession with this initial question led me into my deep sympathy towards the Marketing and Psychology fields, and ultimately, the vast field of Consumer Behavior.
Since 2016, I have been working as a Business Developer and later as Partner and Innovation Manager for a young technology company within the e-commerce/omnichannel spacebuilt on premises of the Behavioral Economics. With the company, I spent a certain amount of time in the tech heaven Silicon Valley, where I deepened my passion for  new technologies, especially one’s having to do with future development and the impact in which digitalization has on a customers daily life. 
Magicookie is the place where the world of technology and behaviour collide, and I’m here to report to you more about this collision through my amateure  yet- academic, fun and weird, peer unreviewed articles. 
Enjoy your time here and feel free to hate, love, comment & share!   
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