Okay, let’s clarify things right at the beginning! For all of the stoned readers who came here for recipes on how to make great ganja cakes, I am sorry to say  you won’t find any here (perhaps if I decide to blog about cooking in the future). Until then, allow me to introduce to you my somewhat amateur somewhat professional blog about innovations and consumer behavior- Magic Cookie .

Most of you know the term Magic Cookie  as a technological term used for a token that  is simply said use to track our online activity. While consuming digital content bite after bite, we leave  behind an enormous number of crumbs, crumbs that represent unified pieces of data that reflect our digital selves. As a substance of data, we are on our way to a  perfect transformation into a fully completed cute MagiCookies entities flying within the universe.


Consumers are nowadays defined by the data which they are constantly generating. ML (within its current stage) is a modern Michelangelo who takes these data and form them into your very own digital sculpture. By applying these principles, companies can generate a whole new level of personalization and targeting to the next level. Moreover, Machine Learning is behind all the semi-broken Chatbots, Image Recognition and other data-based solutions which are in very the centre of our Interest. Zuck it guys, ML (AI) is a topic which deserves to be our #1 BuzzWord.

Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is my personal humble bet on the “next big thing“.  What I particularly like about XR topic is the possibility to shape this platform within our imaginations since it’s just at beginning stages ! We will try to discuss a lot about the CX within XR which is currently as rare as finding a Mew on the Pokemon GO.

The core of the Magicookie articles tackles the question who modern Customers really are and How the interactions with the cutting-edge technologies change their characteristic. I believe that answering this question is absolutely crucial for the overall understanding of how to interact with such customers and ultimately be able to offer them a “Start-Trek” kind of experience. 


Sometimes we will discuss also other topics, like doing interviews with “flat earth society” and other ideas that fills mind of humans today. As always, there will be an ultimate ❤ in every post.